New Research Suggests- IVC Filters Are Overused

IVC filters are typically considered life-saving devices that can prevent a patient from undergoing a pulmonary embolism in states where the patient cannot take an anticoagulant. Concerns have been raised, though, that patients who have an inferior vena cava filter implanted are at an increased risk of serious complications, comprising device perforation of major blood vessels.

Presently, a study suggests that not all patients who receive the filters actually need them, suggesting they could needlessly be put at an increased risk of complications.  You can also look for bard ivc filter lawsuits (LSI) to know more about IVC Filters Lawsuits.

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The new study has investigated that the association between overall mortality in patients and having an IVC filter implanted. Researchers explained whether implantation of an IVC filter in trauma patients affected their chances of survival. In the study, researchers found that in patients who survived more than 24 hours after their injury, there was no difference in those who did not have one implanted compared with in mortality in patients who a filter had implanted.You can click here to get more information about IVC Filters.

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Other than that we can say if the patient survived for one day that is 24 hours and the use of an IVC filter did not improve chances of survival. In one year or six months from discharge, there was equally no significant difference between those who had a filter and those who did not. The study resolved that the use of IVC filters in suffering patients should be examined because although the filters are meant to be removed, they frequently are not and there is an increased risk of illness in patients with filters that remain in place. Though patients who have the filter implanted do not have a higher risk of survival, due to low rates of filter removal they could even be at an increased risk of serious complications.

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This year the author wrote that there is still a need for IVC filter use in certain patients, but that the “undiscriminating use of IVCFs without clear signs places patients at risk of serious complications, and we do not support this practice. For patients at risk of lung embolism who do not endure anticoagulants, though, IVC filters may still deliver an important, life-saving option. Plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits against the companies that make IVC filters say they were harmed by the devices that were supposed to save their lives.