Taxotere Cancer Treatment Drug and Permanent Hair Loss Lawsuits

Taxotere is the synthetic version of Taxol. It is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis and used to treat a variety of cancers. Taxotere cancer treatment drug and permanent hair loss lawsuits have been submitted by numerous plaintiffs in multiple areas are related to its use for breasts cancer.

The drug has been aggressively used by physicians to take care of women that have metastatic and locally advanced breasts cancer after another chemotherapy treatment has failed.

Taxotere, according to the prescribing information supplied by Sanofi, can have adverse effects, including alopecia, a term which means hair loss. While women who undergo treatments for breasts cancer are advised by their doctor and expect to lose their hair, they don’t expect it to be permanent.

Sanofi mentions hair loss as a side-effect in its prescribing information pamphlet, but it downplays the occurrences of permanent hair loss during its clinical studies and, in fact, states that “in most cases” normal hair regrowth should return. ¬†To get help regarding Taxotere cancer, you can also Contact Us for a Free Case Review.

At this point, the hundreds of women that have experienced permanent hair loss feel that they have been victimized, and they’re fighting back. The majority of those women have experienced a loss of self-esteem, lack of their femininity, lack of their husbands and partners, and, as a result of those repercussions combined with fighting breasts cancers, experienced distress, and depression.

If Sanofi had let women know that permanent hair loss could be expected, even though it didn’t occur in some woman, as opposed to occurring in rare cases, these women might have considered other treatment options. For example, Taxol is a breast cancer treatment drug that is as, or more, effective than Taxotere and causes temporary hair loss. You can also read this post to know more about¬†Taxotere Cancer Treatment.

That is another example of a company that talks about its ability to make money from a drug over the well-being of the individuals that the drug was designed to treat. As more women who’ve undergone treatment with Taxotere learn that the side effect of permanent hair loss was higher than Sanofi stated, it is expected that more lawsuits will be filed.