Taxotere Permanent Hair Loss- Filing A Taxotere Lawsuit

Claims are being filed against the manufacturer of Taxotere by women who had undergone permanent hair loss due to Taxotere.

Taxotere lawsuits state that if the manufacturer Sanofi had properly warned women of its potential risks, women would have been going for a different chemotherapy drug that does not result in permanent hair loss or Alopecia situation.

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Permanent hair loss is a disfiguring condition no matter whether the victim is a man or a woman. However, women who experience permanent alopecia were not only suffered physical and emotional damages, but also a financial loss, such as loss of work or failure to work due to psychological damages.

The company Sanofi actually marketed Taxotere as the best chemotherapy drug than others to treat breast cancer. However other drugs were equally powerful without any side effects like permanent hair loss, “Taxotere lawyer said”.

Taxotere lawyers state Sanofi misled the innocent people by falsely promising them that hair would return after the treatment with chemotherapy. But, the company already have aware that their drug Taxotere had a great risk of permanent alopecia than other drugs available on the market.

Though Sanofi informs patients about the potential side effects of Taxotere in other countries, Sanofi for years did not give a single warning to women in the U.S. of this dangers.

In fact, the words “permanent hair loss” or “baldness” did not appear in any report published in the U.S., according to the Taxotere lawsuits. As a result of this wrongful doing, women had to suffer whereas Sanofi earned a huge profit. To know more about Taxotere lawsuits, visit this website link.

Women are now looking for the compensation that they deserve. Affected women and families are eligible to file a Taxotere hair loss lawsuit and pursue compensations for the sufferings. A reliable Taxotere lawyer will assist you to fight for your legal rights.